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Water Repellency – A Solution That Works!



Research has proven that water repellency and LDS is caused by the build-up of organic acids in the top one inch below the thatch/soil interface. These organic acids are the result of dead plant material that builds-up over a short period of time. Before the discovery of OARS, the only way to manage these organic acids was to mask them with a hydrating surfactant and/or constant mechanical aerification. Aerification can only affect less then 5 percent of surface area at one time, not enough to effectively manage water repellency.

OARS affects 100 percent of the surface area per application and research has demonstrated (proven) that it removes as much as 27.5 percent of those water repellent organic acids after two applications. Because turf is aggressive and is continually growing, the build-up of organic acids is also continual. As the picture on the front demonstrates, OARS’ unique combination of a hydrating surfactant and organic solvent is the only chemistry that removes the cause of water repellency. This unique combination also provides a dryer and firmer playing surface than most surfactants, which locate the masking-hydrating surfactant lower in the root zone than where it needs to be. Turf managed with OARS will have fewer ball marks and less mower tracks, the end result from providing a drier and firmer playing surface.

OARS is the corrective approach to managing water repellency. Unlike other surfactants and soil amendments that just alleviate the symptoms of soil water repellency, OARS removes the build up of hydrophobic organic substances from the soil particle surface and provides 30 days of hydration.

  • Uniform movement of water into and through the soil matrix

  • Patterns of wetting and re-wetting that will improve the amount of water in the soil to meet transpirational and metabolic demands of turfgrass

  • Long lasting surfactant activity

  • Removes the cause of water repellency

  • 30 day deep hydrating surfactant

  • Provides a uniform soil moisture profile

  • Creates a dryer playing surface

  • Will not burn

  • Field tested and University researched

  • The corrective approach to water repellency

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