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The ROOT of it all....

The roots of a grass plant are the underground portion of the plant that anchors it to the soil and absorbs water and nutrients. The roots of turfgrass are fibrous, branched, and extremely narrow.

Turfgrass root growth is primarily influenced by soil temperature, moisture content, and oxygen levels. Temperatures that are optimal for root growth in cool-season grasses are lower than those that are optimal for shoot (leaf) growth.

Turfgrasses extract moisture from the earth via their root system. The amount of water absorbed by the roots is essentially determined by their number, their depth of rooting, and the amount of water in the soil.

Turfgrass roots require a sufficient supply of oxygen to grow and develop normally. Severely compacted soils have insufficient oxygen and will not sustain healthy root growth even in the presence of favourable temperatures and moisture levels.

Additionally, excessive water depletes the soil of oxygen and deteriorates the turfgrass roots. Loose, crumbly soils with adequate drainage are optimal for root growth and plant development.

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