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Saline and Sodic Soil Treatment

Salt-Aid organically relieves the pressures on turf associated with accumulating salts, sodium and bicarbonates in the rootzone which cause saline and sodic soils, without harming the soil’s beneficial microbes.

Salt-Aid‘s unique carbon based formulation of organic acids releases insoluble calcium and other nutrients already in the soil while removing undesirable salts. Salt-Aid has shown significant benefit when applied independently.

Salt-Aid reverses the effects of bad water on soil by flocculating a poor soil structure, increasing water infiltration, improving nutrient availability, and aiding the turf’s ability to uptake water.

Independent studies of saline and sodic soils have shown that Salt-Aid increases the availability of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus (both Bray 1 and Bray 2) while dramatically reducing sodium levels, soluble salts, and bicarbonates.

Salt-Aid will provide much needed relief to turf managers in combating the effects of saline and sodic soils.

  • Cost effective

  • Reduces Salt/Sodium build-up

  • Lowers soil’s (EC) Electric Conductivity

  • Helps maintain proper CEC levels

  • Controls Carbonate and Bicarbonate levels in the soil

  • Balances nutrient availability

  • Improves water permeability

  • Improves soil structure (flocculation)

  • Increased nutrient uptake

  • Money back guarantee

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