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reDEWce™ - Dew Suppressant

reDEWce™ dew suppressant, canopy moisture inhibitor, is designed to control the formation and retention of moisture on turf from dew and frost. reDEWce will also allow for faster turf canopy drying after irrigation, rainfall or frost.

reDEWce will suppress dew formation on turf areas such as athletic fields, tees, greens and fairways. reDEWce is effective at concentration rates of only 0.1%. Apply reDEWce as a foliar spray with boom, handheld or backpack sprayers to wet area thoroughly. Allow treated area to dry completely before applying irrigation. If reDEWce is not allowed to thoroughly dry, applied irrigation or rainfall can remove reDEWce from the leaf blade decreasing efficacy.

Mowing frequency and turf growth rates are the principle factors which contribute or detract from the efficacy of reDEWce. Frequent mowing will remove leaf tissue previously treated with reDEWce, therefore lessening longevity. reDEWce is most effective during colder seasons when turf growth and clipping removal are lowest. Dew suppression will last for a period of 5 to 14 days depending on areas mowed.

  • Reduces leaf moisture, reducing dew formation

  • Drying time reduced after rainfall or irrigation

  • Reduced turf canopy moisture lessens disease incidence

  • Frost recovery times are reduced

  • Reduced clumping when mowing

  • Low-rate effectiveness


reDEWce is classified as a dangerous good for all modes of transportation.

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