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Game Ready (Sports Turf Root Zone Surfactant)

Just as athletes must keep hydrated to maintain optimum performance levels, your turf is no different. Game Ready makes sure your field is in the same Zone as your athletes...

The Hydration Zone!

Game Ready Sports Turf Surfactant is a proprietary blend of three patented wetting agent technologies that insure your sports field can hold up to your athletes demands. A base blend of a unique multi-branch surfactant chemistry allows your soil profile to be uniform in moisture content throughout the entire root zone. Our OARS technology is precisely blended into Game Ready to allow you to combat organic acid buildup within the soil profile which is the causal agent for localized dry spots. Localized dry spots can cause not only aesthetically displeasing color but also become a detriment to footing when turf is put under the rigors of continuous competitive play. Lastly two biologically active metabolic enhancers - cytokinin and auxin are added to increase root growth and mass, improve stress tolerance, provide enhanced disease tolerance, and enhances plant vigor. All these traits are needed so that your plant health is optimum when recovery is needed quickly following an event on your playing surfaces.

Get your field ready for game day with Game Ready.

  • Provides a uniform soil moisture profile

  • Increases water infiltration

  • Reduces water usage

  • Combats Localized Dry Spots

  • Cost effective

  • Money back guarantee

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