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FWY-ISP (Fairway Injectable Soil Penetrant)

FWY-ISP is a cost-effective formulation of AQUA-AID® soil wetting agents designed to enhance the penetration and infiltration of applied water through irrigation systems. FWY-ISP is designed to treat water repellent areas and large brown out areas in fairways and/or mounds, as well as, hard to drain areas.

FWY-ISP can also be incorporated into nutrient mixes to allow for more efficient delivery of applied nutrients. FWY-ISP is compatible with all conventional irrigation systems or conventional ground spray equipment. Users should follow the instructions and technical information from equipment manufacturers.

FWY-ISP is non-ionic, non-burning and non-toxic to all types of turfgrasses. FWY-ISP is effective in irrigation systems at concentrations as low as one part per 200,000.

• Increases soil moisture and softens seed coat for better germination

• Uniform moisture and nutrient coverage

• Increases water infiltration and penetration

• Increases nutrient efficiency

• Reduces run off and evaporation of applied water and nutrients

• Money back guarantee

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