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Conduit 90 (Long-Term Soil Surfactant)

CONDUIT 90 is a soil surfactant that works 24/7 for 90 to 120 days in the soil, a workaholic for today’s unpredictable weather. During drought or excess rain, CONDUIT 90 works 24/7 in managing your turf requirements. CONDUIT 90 is a Long-Term Surfactant (90 to 120 days) to help manage water repellency conditions in the soil profile. CONDUIT 90 will help prevent localized dry spot conditions from forming when used early in the season or before water repellency conditions appear. CONDUIT 90 is safe to turf when used according to label rates.

CONDUIT 90 is easy to apply through standard spray application equipment to all turfgrass areas. CONDUIT 90 mixes easily with water and should not be tank mixed with fertilizers, pesticides or other products until proven safe under local weather and physical environment conditions. CONDUIT 90 should be sprayed before localized dry spot conditions appear and water repellency occurs. CONDUIT 90 should be irrigated in after application to wash the surfactant off the leaf blades.

  • Safe to turf

  • Encourages deep water penetration

  • Reduces Localized Dry Spots

  • Provides uniform moisture and nutrient coverage

  • Lasts 90 to 120 days in the soil profile

  • Money back guarantee

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