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Aquifer® (30 to 45 Day Soil Surfactant)

AQUA-AID has developed Aquifer® Soil Surfactant to be the first choice when choosing a surfactant. Aquifer Soil Surfactant produces and maintains an omnidirectional flow of applied irrigation and/or natural rain water. Aquifer Soil Surfactant has a unique characteristic of producing downward and lateral movement of water (omnidirectional), which provides a uniform moisture profile throughout the soil structure for up to 45 days. This allows not only water but also chemicals and nutrients to be distributed evenly throughout the root zone. The end result is less summer stress, reduced wilt, less localized dry spots and improved re-wetting capability.

Aquifer Soil Surfactant is a non-ionic and environmentally safe formulation of soil surfactants. Aquifer Soil Surfactant will not burn and does not have to be watered in after application. Aquifer Soil Surfactant is ideal for dry, compacted and hydrophobic soils and has been designed to work in conjunction with a good water management program. Aquifer Soil Surfactant can be injected through irrigation systems and/or tank mixed for spray application. It will not burn and does not have to be watered in.

  • Reduces localized dry spots

  • Reduces wilt

  • Reduces summer stress

  • Increases water retention

  • Uniform moisture soil profile

  • Will not burn

  • Does not have to be watered in

  • Money back guarantee

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