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Aqua-Root (Humic Acid with Soil Wetting Agents)

Aqua-Root® is a combination of Aqua-Aid® Penetrant and the proven nutrient chelator, Humate. Humate, the humic and fulvic acid formulated in Aqua-Root, is the most active humic and fulvic acid on the market today. The cation exchange capacity (C.E.C.) for Aqua-Root is 500 - 600 MEQ / 100g. This high cation exchange capacity makes Aqua-Root three to four times more effective, ounce for ounce, than any similar product. Aqua-Root has significantly higher carboxyl content than is generally found for other humic acid substances.

The effectiveness of Aqua-Root is directly related to the ability to chelate and translocate the nutrients required by the plant and to promote a more stable soil/moisture relationship.

Aqua-Root offers widespread uses with all crops grown today - turf grasses, citrus, vegetables, ornamentals, etc. Through research, the Humate formulated in Aqua-Root has clearly demonstrated a significant positive effect on the growth and health of all crops. Research has also proven that Aqua-Root significantly increases the effectiveness of herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers.

  • Increases the cation exchange capacity in the growing media

  • Increases nutrient uptake

  • Decreases leaching of nutrients

  • Provides a uniform soil moisture profile

  • Increases plant vigor and survivability

  • Encourages deeper root growth

  • Promotes faster and more complete root development

  • Helps leach harmful salts

  • Increases stress tolerance

  • Money back guarantee

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