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Aqua-Aid Penetrant

Advanced technology and research in the fields of soil science and agriculture have developed the most cost-efficient wetting agent on the market today, Aqua-Aid® 15 to 30 Day Penetrant.

Aqua-Aid Penetrant is formulated with the highest quality cosmetic-grade non-ionic surfactants and wetting agents. This unique water-based formulation of surfactants and wetting agents allows application any time of the year with no phytotoxicity.

Aqua-Aid Penetrant provides a uniform soil moisture profile by modifying the water surface tension. This can reduce the required amount of irrigation and rainwater by as much as 30%. The end result is less hand watering, less maintenance expense and a healthier plant.

Aqua-Aid Penetrant is an environmentally safe premium wetting agent that is ideal for turf, agricultural and horticultural applications. Aqua-Aid Penetrant can be injected through irrigation systems and/or tank-mixed for spray application. It will not burn and does not have to be watered in.

  • Cost-effective

  • Reduces water tension

  • Provides a uniform soil moisture profile

  • Reduces water usage

  • Increases nutrient uptake

  • Low rates

  • Increases water penetration

  • Helps leach harmful salts

  • Compatible with most tank sprays

  • Money-back guarantee

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